Zain Group signs MoU with Commercial Bank of Kuwait to provide data centre services

Zain and Commercial Bank Kuwait MoU Zain and Commercial Bank Kuwait MoU 2020. Photo:

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, in the main city of Kuwait.

Kuwait based telecommunications company Zain Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Commercial Bank of Kuwait to provide cloud solutions and data centre services to aid the bank’s digital transformation journey.

In the presence of the signing was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmed Duaij Jaber Al-Sabah, the Vice Chairman and CEO of the Zain Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi Group, and the Chairman of the Executive Authority of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Ilham Yousry Mahfouz And Iman Al-Roudan, CEO of Zain Kuwait, in addition to a number of executive management officials from both sides.

The telecom company said that it will provide, under the MoU, a set of the latest innovative cloud solutions to enhance the digital infrastructure of Commercial Bank, which includes the services of Zain Business Centre for data hosting, such as the bank data storage service, and the provision of information protection and communications services.


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The MoU will include providing services for managing and organising cables, and protecting data and information through a secure infrastructure consisting of a set of equipment, technologies and security measures for control and management.

“The memorandum of understanding that we signed today with Commercial Bank represents another step for us in our continuous cooperation with the corporate sector, through which we will establish common foundations to explore new horizons in the areas of smart solutions and digital innovation,” said Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zain Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi Group in a written statement (translated).

“Through this agreement, Zain will provide technical support and the latest digital solutions, to assist Commercial Bank in employing modern technologies that serve its strategy towards digital transformation, as the company will volunteer its technological capabilities to enhance the efforts of Commercial Bank management in building an integrated digital infrastructure to keep pace with developments that the Banking industry is witnessing.”

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