Thursday, November 23, 2017

World’s top 10 largest data centres

Combined, the current area of these ten giants amounts to 18.8 million sqf, however, this is set to grow to more than 30 million sqf in the near future.

Just like many global cities around the world that seek to build the tallest skyscraper to show economic power and a the ability to innovate, in the data centre space sometimes the bigger the better and the world’s mega facilities are becoming ever bigger.

However, the ranking is in constant change and as Norway readies for the construction of what will be one of the biggest sites on the planet at 6.46 million sqf, which sites are today in the top spot for the largest data centre?

Data Economy lists today’s largest data centres by area.

  1. Range International Information Hub – Langfang, China –> 6.3 million sqf
  2. Switch SuperNAP – Las Vegas, US –> 2.2 million sqf (expandable to 2.4 million sqf)
  3. Switch Pyramid – Grand Rapids, US –> 1.8 million sqf (under construction)
  4. Microsoft Iowa – West Des Moines, US –> 1.7 million sqf (under construction)
  5. DFT Data Center – Ashburn, US -> 1.6 million sqf
  6. Switch Citadel – Reno, US –> 1.3 million sqf (expandable to 7.2 million sqf)
  7. Utah Data Center – Bluffdale, US -> 1+ million sqf
  8. Digital Realty Lakeside Technology – Chicago, US -> 1.1 million sqf
  9. QTS Metro Data Center – Atlanta, US –> 990,000 sqf
  10. Tulip Data Centre – Bangalore,, India –> 900,000 sqf