Sunday, October 22, 2017

These are the world’s Top 10 colocation data center hotspots

We are only seven weeks into 2017 but we have seen a tremendous M&A and construction movement across the industry all over the world.

From Equinix’s vote of confidence in a post-Brexit UK to OVH’s third US data centre, to the opening and announcement of several hubs in the APAC region, no one is indifferent to the sheer volume of business currently taking place in the data centre ecosphere.

With this competition comes the ranking of cities; the mega hubs for data centres where square footage hits record numbers and IT loads have enough power to keep entire cities going.

According to  Cloudscene, a directory of colocation data centres, cloud service providers and network fabrics, these are 2017’s global Top 10 colocation ecosystems:

  1. London

  2. Amsterdam

  3. Frankfurt

  4. Washington DC

  5. Paris

  6. Bay Area

  7. Los Angeles

  8. Sydney

  9. Dallas

  10. Chicago

Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “The United States is by far the largest data centre market in the world, so it was no surprise that five of its cities made the list.

“However, it was Europe that dominated the top three spots and Sydney made an appearance at number eight thanks to Australia’s considerable growth over the last three years.”

Cloudscene’s 2017 Global Top Ten Colocation Ecosystems have been ranked based on a combined data centre density and connectivity rating.

The company has specifically looked at the total number of colocation facilities and the total number of Points of Presence (PoPs) across all colocation data centres within each respective market and combined these to generate the overall score.

Slattery said: “We expect there will be some movement in next year’s ecosystem rankings as the Asia Pacific market continues to be the fastest growing region for the data centre industry.

“So it is likely that we will see more APAC cities make their way to a top ten spot.”