Monday, October 23, 2017

What does Google and Playboy have in common?

Company wants to put an end to the dumb-looking data centre by transforming empty walls into gigantic canvas and exports mural idea to Ireland and Iowa.

Google is on a mission to transform the outside of its large data centres across the globe by creating giant murals with art from well-known artists.

Following the makeover of its Oklahoma and Belgium facilities, the company has now also decorated the outside of its data centres in Dublin and Iowa, US.

In the Irish capital, art works are authored by Fuchsia MacAree, while in Council Bluffs, Google picked Gary Kelley.

By choosing Kelley to decorate its data centre, Google has entered the artist’s portfolio that also includes work with Playboy magazine.

Watch bellow the official videos explaining Google’s mural story and the works in Dublin and Iowa.