Sunday, January 21, 2018

We START you UP. International program launches to help startups reap the benefits of cloud tech

All startups accepted onto the program get €3k to spend on cloud services, with the most innovative being awarded €50k.

The process of adopting cloud technologies could be a daunting process to fresh business makers setting up their own company.

To fight back the difficulties of understanding and using the cloud, Aruba Cloud has launched We START you UP, a program open to all startups around the world.

The training and support scheme has been designed to help startups embrace the cloud to generate new business revenues.

Running for three years, those taking part will work closely with Aruba Cloud, which will provide some of the most innovative startups with a cloud credit worth up to €50,000 to be used on Aruba’s Cloud platform.

We START you UP has been based on feedback gathered during the last “Aruba Cloud Startup Program” and has been designed to supplement and develop that program.

More specifically, the program can be broken down into four different phases:

START Stage: this is the entry-level package where startups have access to €3,000 of Cloud credit per year for three years, as well as ongoing training support.

Training: training days and webinars to help startups understand the extent to which the Cloud can help their business to begin with, and then help them learn about the tools they need to grow thanks to this technology. Orientation days are broken down into several stages, and they will also be attended by our incubator partners.

Pitch Day: this is an event during which startups will have the chance to talk to Aruba experts about their own ideas for using Cloud resources with a view to benefiting from the UP Stage package, aimed at startups with real potential for growth.

UP Stage: this is the package designed for projects that during Pitch Day were judged as suitable for getting the most out of all the potential of a Cloud platform as powerful as the one that can be created using the free credit offered by Aruba.

This way, the startup will be able to increase Cloud resources using an enterprise level architecture, thus releasing all the power of their own business model. This stage offers free Cloud credit worth up to €50,000, valid for 24 months, plus advice from Aruba Cloud architects.

Stefano Sordi, Aruba’s chief marketing officer, said: “For young companies with an innovative technological model, the cloud can offer a huge boost, and our main goal is to provide all the know-how and tools, so that technology is no longer an issue capable of slowing down a potentially explosive business model.”