VMware to acquire Kubernetes security firm Octarine

VMware SDDC business

The start-up helps simplify DevSecOps and enables cloud-native environments to be intrinsically secure, from development through runtime.

VMware (NYSE: VMW) has announced its intent to acquire Kubernetes security firm Octarine to bring security to containers and Kubernetes.

The company said that Octarine’s Kubernetes security platform into the VMware security portfolio presents a major opportunity for VMware to further mitigate risks.

Following the acquisition’s close, the Octarine technology will be embedded into the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, providing new support of security features for containerised applications running in Kubernetes and enable security capabilities as part of the fabric of the existing IT and DevOps ecosystems.

Octarine capabilities will also integrate and leverage the VMware Tanzu platform, including current investments in Service Mesh and Open Policy Agent, according to the company.

“Acquiring Octarine will enable us to further expand VMware’s intrinsic security strategy to containers and Kubernetes environments by embedding the Octarine technology into the VMware Carbon Black Cloud,” said Patrick Morley, general manager and senior vice president, Security Business Unit, VMware.


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“This, combined with native integrations with Tanzu, vSphere, NSX and VMware Cloud Foundation, will create what we believe is a unique and compelling solution for intrinsically securing workloads. And, with the addition of our AppDefense capabilities merged into the platform, we can fundamentally transform how workloads are better secured.”

VMware said its security strategy is centred on context from across the security portfolio and leveraging the VMware fabric for native telemetry and control at the endpoint, workload, network, user access point, and application.

“We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to grow together in understanding the opportunities and challenges of achieving security, compliance and governance in cloud-native environments,” said Shemer Schwarz, CEO, Octarine.

“What a delightful new chapter for Octarine and its vision. VMware’s commitment to cloud-native computing and intrinsic security, which have been demonstrated by its product announcements and by recent acquisitions, makes it an ideal home for Octarine.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to be part of  VMware’s “best in class” technology portfolio and engage with new customers.”

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