Monday, October 23, 2017

Virginia to get $2bn data centre investment to bring US-EU closer together

No week goes by without a multi-billion Dollar deal in the data centre space and this week we head to Virginia Beach, US.

Amsterdam-based NxtVn is to invest between $1.5bn to $2bn in the construction of a large data centre park in a boost to data transfers for US-based companies with Europe.

In addition to the park, which initially will count with 1.4 million sqf of building space, the company has also plans to build a subsea cable linking Virginia Beach to a second data centre campus in Eemshaven, in the Netherlands.

According to the Pilot Online, construction works could start by the end of the year and once built, NxtVn would lease out data centre space to other businesses.

NxtVn is headquartered in Amsterdam and headed by 45-year-old Khaled Naguib Zaky Sedrak who serves as CEO.

The private limited company was founded in 2014 and is registered in England with the Companies House.

Citco Group, through its UK office, has been selected to act as a secretary to the company.