Saturday, November 25, 2017

Vienna grows momentum as data centre portal to Russia

Located at the heart of Europe, Austria’s capital is rapidly becoming a must go hotspot for companies in the West and East that are serving both sides of the continent.

In BroadGroup’s recent “Data Centres Europe 7” report, the analyst firm highlights the growth of the Austrian market and mainly Vienna as the region seeks to benefit from its proximity and access to Eastern Europe, and particularly Russia.

“Austria is quite an interesting market,” said Steve Wallage, MD,at BroadGroup Consulting.

“In the last few months we have seen Austria really pick up as a hub into Russia. A lot of investment going into there.”

As the largest colocation provider sitting in the Austrian capital, Interxion has already experienced this trend, according to Mike Hollands, director of connectivity.

He said: “Vienna is full of Eastern European and a few Russian networks, and people are using that as a gateway to Eastern Europe, Turkey, and some use it to address Russia.

“Overtime, Vienna has become a very carrier dense location. A lot of the networks that did not want to have to deploy in all the Central-Eastern European countries came to Vienna, and Central-Eastern European networks all came to Vienna to meet them.”

Intexion itself works with nearly 110 networks at its Vienna data centre, and about 30 of them are Eastern European.

“It has become the most convenient location to come into a data centre and cross connect all these networks and go where you need to go, and the Russians are taking advantage of that as well,” Hollands added.

“The thing about Vienna is that it is seen as Western Europe and it is a way of addressing Eastern Europe and Russia from within Western Europe.”


This article originally appeared in the Data Economy magazine. To read more on data centres, cloud and data, visit here