Vapor IO and Packet open two edge data centres in Chicago

Chicago Architecture

Vapor IO has collaborated with cloud providers Packet to open two edge data centre sites in Chicago, which are the first two locations across six US metropolitan markets in 2019.

Packet has also announced a new Edge Access Programme providing both commercial and open source users with free access to bare metal edge computing servers in Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge locations, making it possible to build and trial edge applications quickly and economically according to the company.

“Packet has an extraordinary portfolio of innovative developers and customers, many of whom will jump on the Edge Access Program and quickly bring showcase applications to the Kinetic Edge,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO.

“Packet’s bare metal approach to cloud is a perfect match for edge computing. Their Edge Access Programme provides the best way for developers to explore edge computing and build real world applications for the edge.

“We’re excited to see our first production Kinetic Edge customers go online and we see Packet’s Edge Access Programme as a way to unlock edge computing at scale, starting in our flagship Kinetic Edge city, Chicago.”


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The companies both revealed that the initial programme participants includes Catchpoint, DNSFilter, Federated Wireless,, Hatch, Macrometa, MobiledgeX, Mutable, Nodeweaver, OpenNebula, Ori, Oort, Rafay Systems,, Travelping, VMware, and Volterra.

“The edge computing ecosystem is evolving quickly, and our goal with the Edge Access Programme is to accelerate that momentum while simultaneously working with partners to solve the very real challenges that exist,” said Zachary Smith, CEO of Packet.

“By combining cloud native bare metal infrastructure and wireless connectivity at the edge with unique real estate, capital, technology and software partners, we are providing a compelling real-world laboratory to foster innovation.”

Packet’s cloud is available in 18 global locations and supports over 60k bare metal installs each month.