Thursday, October 19, 2017

Uptime Institute launches edge data centre Tier-Ready scheme

Schneider Electric, Compass Data Centers and Huawei first to obtain certificate for prefabricated and modular data centres.

The Uptime Institute has launched the “TIER-Ready Program” in a bid to advance deployments of edge data centres backed by industry certification.

The design-assessment program is aimed at prefabricated and modular data centres used by companies pushing computing to the edge.

According to the company, modular data centres that carry TIER-Ready status will demonstrate the same high level of performance once installed and certified at their intended deployment site.

The TIER-Ready program enables manufacturers to work with Uptime Institute to validate the specific designs of their pre-built solutions.

Customers of these TIER-Ready solutions will enjoy reduced time and cost for a Tier Certified data centre.

At launch, TIER-Ready solutions are available from different manufacturers, including Schneider Electric, Compass Data Centers and Huawei.

Lee Kirby, President, Uptime Institute, said: “Prefabricated and modular data centres have been on a growth trajectory for the past several years as organizations strive to bring business services closer to their constituents. As distributed technologies such as IoT and edge-computing become commonplace, these services must be delivered without incurring the traditional risk associated with remote infrastructures.

“The TIER-Ready program simplifies and speeds the certification process, while reducing costs for both the manufacturer and the end-user.”

Earlier this month, Uptime Institute announced the launch of Uptime Institute Research, a new research organisation aimed at bringing together informed, practical and forward looking information and insights to global data centre professionals and stakeholders.

The research group has been established to offer services to enable members of Uptime Institute’s global community to access an ever-growing body of primary research from Uptime Institute Research and its global network of engineers, data centre operators and partners.

Kirby said: “The complex hybrid infrastructures now forming in most companies must be able to provide the needed levels of business services, regardless of where those services are derived.

“Everywhere you turn, there are major innovations being seen in practice including cloud computing, automation, Hyper-Converged infrastructure, IoT as well as unique power generation or distribution and advanced cooling designs.”