Saturday, November 25, 2017

UK, Italy, Angola. Interxion scores hat trick in data centre services push

From colocation expansion to the introduction of an algo-trading stress testing solution, one of Europe’s largest operators has bulked up its offerings.

Colocation data centre services provider Interxion has announced the expansion of its services in Europe as well as the entry of Angola Cables into Interxion’s network and the launch of a financial platform.

Firstly, Interxion has opened a point-of-presence (PoP) at Wind Tre’s Rome data centre to serve businesses in the Italian capital and across Italy.

Interxion said its investment in Rome comes at a time when the local market is proving to be “an important connectivity hub with strong growth potential”.

Rome’s Internet exchange, NaMeX, is amongst the first to use Interxion’s colocation services in the city.

Giuliano di Vitantonio, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Interxion, said: “By offering our services in Rome, in a carrier-rich location, our customers can improve their customer experience and optimise performance.”

Elsewhere, Interxion has become a key player in Angola Cables intercontinental network as the African company has extended its network to three Interxion facilities in Europe: Frankfurt, London and Marseille.

The network expansion has been carried out to improve connectivity between Africa and Europe.

Interxion’s three facilities will enable Angola Cables to connect directly to over 400 network service providers, as well as to Europe’s largest Internet Exchanges.

Artur Mendes, Commercial and Marketing Director, Angola Cables, said: “Our network expansion to Interxion Frankfurt, London and Marseille enhances our ability to meet the data and voice requirements of our customers, including the regional African operators that we serve.”

Lastly, Interxion’s London data centre has become the host of a algo-trading stress testing solution to help financial firms meet their MiFID II testing requirements.

The product has been launched by QuantHouse, an independent global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions.

By partnering with Interxion, QuantHouse’s new stress testing solution has been made available via a single cross connect through a single API.

As part of the MiFID II regulation coming into effect in January 2018, firms will be required to introduce robust processes into their organisations in order to provide effective control methods over increased market volatility.

From 2018, investment firms will be required to therefore stress test their algos by running high trade volume tests using at least twice the highest volume of trading reached by a particular firm over a previous six-month period.

Stephane Leroy, Business Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse, said: “The solution enables firms to test their production data up to 10x peak volume replaying market data events to ensure their algorithmic trading system can cope with any peaks in the market.”

Bill Fenick, Strategy Director, Financial Services, Interxion, said: “It is important for us to bring additional services that offer value to our customers wherever possible, and QuantHouse’s stress testing solution is perfect for our financial services customers looking to fulfil their MiFID II testing requirements.”