UK digital transformation project delayed due to ‘hesitancy gap’ – report

John Eland, Global Data Centers, NTT Ltd. John Eland, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Data Centers at NTT Ltd.

The report shows that 26% of IT teams’ time is wasted laying the groundwork for digital transformation projects, costing UK enterprises an average of £2 million per year.

Global Data Centers, a division of NTT Ltd. released a new report revealing that digital transformation projects are stalling due to a ‘hesitancy gap’, as enterprises struggle to navigate the risks and complexity associated with turning innovation from concept to reality.

Despite a continued focus on digital transformation – with respondents saying they are investing in Artificial Intelligence (63%), Internet of Things (58%), and software defined networks (51%) – half of UK enterprises admit their projects are always or regularly delayed, as a result of too many barriers to overcome, or too much existing pressure on IT.

The report found that 65% are heavily reliant on multi-cloud services to underpin their projects, creating added integration challenges.

It was also found that 35% cite the complexity of connecting the range of cloud services and other technologies together as a major barrier to the progression of their digital transformation projects.

“In a rapidly evolving landscape, enterprises can’t afford to drag their feet on digital transformation, but it’s not surprising that many are feeling hesitant,” said John Eland, Chief Strategy Officer of Global Data Centers.

“The complexity of connecting a mix of cloud services and other technologies together, adds a significant challenge to overcome before transformation projects can turn into a reality.


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“Adding further strain, there’s the risk that even just a Proof of Concept could have a negative impact on live production systems, leading to service failures that result in reputational or revenue damage.

“This is understandably causing enterprises concern, resulting in many projects falling behind and innovation to stagnate.”

The survey showed that UK enterprises estimate they could shave an average of nine months of digital transformation projects, if they did not have to spend time building a partner ecosystem and cloud infrastructure and implementing connectivity.

A further 94% of enterprises say their digital transformation projects could be ‘supercharged’ if they could test new concepts in a full-scale, production-ready environment, using a multitude of cloud services, partners and connections – without the hassle of pulling everything together by themselves.

“Many of the challenges associated with a project’s viability could be overcome if enterprises could connect with partners and start-ups to test out their concept before taking the plunge,” added Eland.

“Having access to a full-scale, production-ready environment where an innovation project can be trailed using, connections, technologies and service providers, would undoubtedly be a significant boon for businesses.

“By supercharging digital transformation projects and accelerating time to market, enterprises will be well on their way to closing the hesitancy gap.”

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