Thursday, October 19, 2017

There’s no going back. Schneider Electric proves edge computing is HERE with micro data centre launch

Global provider unveils plug-and-play edge system targeted at the IoT and other edge applications, where process speed is crucial.

Schneider Electric has made one of its strongest bets yet in the edge computing space by launching a range of micro data centre products.

The Micro Data Center Xpress (Micro DC Xpress) line has been created to simplify and accelerate the deployment of micro data centres at the network edge.

The solution includes a complete data centre physical infrastructure and management software in a single self-contained enclosure.

Micro DC Xpress can prove game-changing as more internet of things (IoT), industrial things (IIoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions are deployed across all verticals.

In the car space, for example, micro data centres will assume a key role in the communications happening between the car and the wider infrastructure – roads, signs and other components – as well as the communication with other vehicles.

With that in mind, Schneider Electric’s Micro DC Xpress has been designed to allow IT equipment to be pre-installed by the customer, partner or integrator before shipment.

Customers, partners or integrators have the ability to fully populate and test their solution in-house prior to shipping to their regional or local edge sites, consequently reducing deployment time and risks.

Micro DC Xpress includes Schneider Electric’s Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software suite, StruxureWare for Data Centers, and is built on the EcoStruxure integrated architecture platform.

The solution also includes physical protection capabilities, including key-card functionality to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety and security of the environment.

The Micro DC Xpress will be available to order in North America, UK and France in April 2017 and in all of Europe later in 2017.

Chris Hanley, senior vice president, Data Center Systems, Schneider Electric, said: “In our digitally-connected world, businesses and consumers have a low threshold for interruptions to service.

“Edge computing solves real-time data transmission issues by bringing bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications close to the users or data sources to ensure reliable connectivity.

“As the market evolves, especially around IoT, we are committed to delivering simplified, cost-effective solutions that enable edge technologies.”