Tencent builds big new bomb-proof data centre on China hill

The chosen area for the new facility is home to other leading technology companies and Huawei is also in the process of building its own data centre in the area.

Tencent is building a massive “bomb-proof” data centre in the hills of Guizhou, China. The company has carved out over 30,000 square metres of tunnelled space in a 100 metre high hill, which will house tens of thousands of the company’s servers.

Construction of the Gui’an Seven Star Data Center was broadcast by state-owned China Central Television, which showed five large lined up entrances to the data centre on the hill. The data centre entrances will be protected by metal gates, security robots and drones, said the company.

The data centre will use Tencent’s T-Block prefabricated modular construction platform to house the servers, with the hill location providing a steady stream of external cold air to cool the servers for most of the year. The site is close to an extensive supply of hydro power to help matters along further.

Huawei is also in the process of building a data centre facility in the Guizhou area, with local reports saying it could be capable of housing 600,000 servers. Other companies with facilities in the area include Apple, Qualcomm and Alibaba.

Outside China, Tencent already operates or plans to open data centres in Silicon Valley, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Seoul, Moscow, Hong Kong, Singapore and Toronto. Tencent’s cloud business recently opened a data centre in the southwest China city of Chongqing.