Monday, October 23, 2017

Telehouse new MD vows to drive business through ‘diverse, challenging data centre market’

Former MD gets appointed CEO of KDDI Global Business sector as the KDDI Corporation expands its global footprint.

Data centre services provider Telehouse has appointed Ken Sakai to the role of Managing Director of Telehouse Europe and KDDI Europe.

The executive taking charge of the new role in the KDDI Corporation’s subsidiary is to be based in London, the European headquarters for Telehouse.

Sakai is therefore replacing now former MD Hiroyuki Soshi, who has been appointed Chief Executive Officer for the KDDI Global Business sector.

According to Telehouse, Sakai has over 30 years’ management experience within KDDI. He assisted in the development of KDDI Corporation, resulting from the merger of KDD, DDI and IDO.

He has also held leadership roles in the sales, business development and corporate planning divisions of the business and also served as Managing Director for KDDI Deutschland.

Sakai has now been tasked with leading the continued expansion and growth of Telehouse Europe, to meet the future demands of businesses resulting from the data explosion, digital transformation and cloud adoption.

He said: “We operate in a diverse, challenging and exciting market that is seeing the rapid evolution of new technologies and demands on businesses to deliver services to their end users wherever they are.

“I am excited to take on the role of Managing Director of Telehouse Europe at this time and believe that Telehouse is well-positioned to provide its customers with the infrastructure and access to cloud services they need to meet these challenges.”

Telehouse operates data centres in five main European cities which will now be under Sakai’s management. These include facilities in London (six locations), Frankfurt (three), Paris (three), Moscow (one) and Istanbul (one).

The company’s global portfolio extends to another 11 regions including Cape Town, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New York and Los Angeles.