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New tech brings a convergence of emerging technologies across data centre, cloud and edge computing, from AI to IOT, blockchain, 5G, robotics and more. To evaluate new opportunities for investors in this space, Data Economy will hold a one-day summit in London.

The event is positioned as the foremost networking and business deal making summit bringing together the strategic and financial leadership with private equity specialists, financiers, industry investors, REITs, professional transactional and advisory firms, and government.

Data Economy will also host the world’s first Awards accolades that recognise excellence in financial and investment leadership in the sector.

The Data Economy Global Investment Summit & Awards will be attended by up to 300 international executives and has been designed to give those driving investment in the sector a unique annual platform to meet, network and do deals.








Global Audience

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Event Programme


Networking Breakfast

João Marques Lima


Chairman opening address

João Marques Lima, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Data Economy


Data Economy Leaders Debate

CFO’s from the world’s leading TMT, data hosting, cloud and PE firms debate the sector in a new stage format that will lead to the year’s top panel discussion for the industry.


State of the market update

An opportunity to analyse the economic impact of the data centre, cloud and edge computing industries. Delving into the latest M&A deals, investments and project developments on a global basis. This is an opportunity to get to grips with some of the overarching trends that can be identified in spend, expansion and management of cloud and IT white space.


Networking Morning break



World on edge: Are geological and economic concerns globally affecting the sector?

From US-China trade sanctions to EU regulation, political uncertainty, religious conflicts, this session will look at the macro and microeconomics of the data centre, cloud and edge markets, how these are answering the most critical challenges the world is facing and what investors need to watch out for.


Brexit: Three weeks in divorce

Three weeks after the UK leaves the European Union, many questions will be on everyone’s mind. Will funding for new projects be available? How will the UK collaborate with other operators in the EU? This is the first panel to be hosted about Brexit after Brexit. A truly no miss session for investors, lawyers and operators from around the world as the impact of Brexit on the global economy starts to be felt.


Giants Awakening: China, India, Africa

Some of the largest market opportunities are in China, India and Africa. From hyperscalers to edge players, these three markets are awakening to a tsunami of investment forces that will connect the last unconnected parts of the world. This session looks at the drivers and opportunities for financiers and data centre operators across the three regions, analysing the nuances of each market, capacity, investment potential and risk.


Edge Investment Hotspots: What are the next big edge computing destinations

Edge will be everywhere, but where should investments be done next? Competition is shooting up in Tier 1 markets, yet, the majority of the world’s population resides outside these regional hubs. This panel will discuss the locations no one is talking about, from Indonesia to Central America.


Legal frameworks update from around the world that investors and operators need to know

With data nationalism taking over the national agenda of several countries worldwide, what does this new wave of legislation mean to data centres, investors and new market players? This presentation will give an update on the latest legal frameworks from Tokyo to Rio.


Networking Lunch break



Private Equity Panel

As the market has matured, a number of private equity investors have emerged as discrete investors in the data centre environment. The panel will explore what investors are looking for from their investments, what projects types are currently attractive, the expertise they bring to the table, projections for future investment and emerging risks for private equity investors.


Multi-billion Dollar bill: What M&As tell us about data centres, REITs and debt financing

Positive performance on the stock markets has led to more than $70bn being spent on mergers and acquisitions in the last ten years alone. This has dramatically changed the data centre game. However, is this activity set to continue? How are these deals changing the shape of the industry? And what do our experts foresee for the future? This presentation looks at what’s happened in the last 12 months and the lessons learnt from the most recent transactions and discuss latest approaches to debt financing within the data centre, cloud and edge environments. Exploring the current debt finance market, strategies, returns, what makes a project an attractive investment and what to avoid.


Living On-Ramp: How hyperscalers and cloud on-ramps are challenging the colocation model of cloud and influencing finance strategies

The colocation strategic proposition is changing with the rapid expansion of hyperscalers and the booming adoption of cloud-on ramps. This session for investors, data centre CFOs and stakeholders will explore what is changing and how that change needs to be incorporated into data centre financial strategies to ensure a healthy business streamline as the industry moves forward.


Alternative Asset Classes and Investment Strategies

With REITs rapidly expanding their portfolios, the model of property management is changing. This presentation asks if current real estate strategies are fit for purpose in the data centre sector, how much is being wasted, how the market should answer and what investment strategies will need to reconsider.


Risk Management for Data Center Investors Panel

With no end in sight to demand and a seemingly endless stream data centre projects announced, there seems no end to investment opportunities to take advantage of the current buoyant market. However, risks inherent within any significant investment and those specific to the industry should not be overlooked. The panel will explore risk in the context of a shifting global market and how investors can best protect themselves from exposure.


Networking Break



Edge-Tech: What investors need to know about the emerging technologies in the TMT space

From AI to nanotechnology, the data centre of the future and connectivity infrastructure are already in the making. Deep learning, machine learning, SDN, NFV, blockchain, all is changing the TMT infrastructure space and more is about to be unleashed on operators, opening new doors to revenues, investment and profit.


Smart World: Computing Data, Connecting Everything

This session looks at the state of the IoT and smart world markets worth $3.1tr and how that will drive business into data centre and cloud proving a worthy case of investment for PE and wealth funds and just how much of the market will be reserved for data centre operators and how this will affect their books.


Telco CFO Panel

CFOs from leading telecommunications companies from across the globe discuss what are the sector’s major investment trends from 5G, new infrastructure, liquid infrastructure, small cells, capacity, and more. The executives also look at opportunities for investment and the geographies hungry for investors.


Surprise guest keynoter

João Marques Lima

Chairman closing address

João Marques Lima, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Data Economy

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Venue & Info

Venue Details

Set in fashionable South Kensington, the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington is the perfect combination of charm, comfort, and attentive hospitality. The Gloucester effortlessly combines historic elements of the building’s past with the smart luxury guests expect from Millennium properties.

The Data Economy Global Investment Summit and Awards will take place at the Millennium Convention Centre located at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. The event will take place across a total of 1600sqm of event space split into 26 versatile function and meeting rooms and boardrooms.



4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH


Nearest tube stations

Gloucester Road


Nearest airports

London City (8 miles)
London Heathrow (14.4 miles)

Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington