Thursday, November 23, 2017

STOP working in silos, only together data centres will reach top-notch energy sustainability

Industry warned of dangerous environmental outcomes if providers fail to communicate best practices around going green.

ICT industry consortium The Green Grid has warned the data centre industry that only together the sector will be able achieve high standards on energy sustainability.

The organisation’s wakeup call follows Greenpeace’s report in January which The Green Grid said shows a clear need for greater transparency and collaboration to improve data centre energy sustainability.

The Green Grid believes that by being transparent with each other, data centre players will be able to tackle rising carbon emissions.

According to Cloudscene, data centres today consume roughly 3% of all globally generated power and account for approximately 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, a carbon footprint equivalent to the airline industry.

Roel Castelein, Customer Services Director, The Green Grid, said: “The Greenpeace Report is a good indicator that while there are definite movements towards a more sustainable data centre industry, many organisations have sought individual goals, rather than working together to share best practice and find the best ways to a sustainable future.

“Google, Facebook and Apple are constantly pushing the barriers of green innovation, while also working closely with energy suppliers to help achieve sustainable company targets. Their ability to advocate such measures is beginning to influence the rest of the sector, yet more must be done.”

Castelein continued to say that the growth in the amount of data demands that all data centre providers come together, rather than working in silos, and be clear in their use of renewable energy in creating a more sustainable industry.

“Whether it is meeting government sustainability objectives, using renewable energy as secondary sources, or pushing for stronger connections with energy suppliers, it can all contribute to enhanced efforts in tackling carbon emissions,” he said.

“The need for data centre providers and end users to collaborate to ensure our use of data is sustainable has never been greater.”