Spectro Cloud launches with $7.5m to highlight Kubernetes offerings

Saad Malik (CTO), Tenry Fu (CEO) and Gautam Joshi (VP of Engineering), Specto Cloud Co-Founders L to R: Saad Malik (CTO), Tenry Fu (CEO) and Gautam Joshi (VP of Engineering), Specto Cloud Co-Founders

Cloud-native infrastructure company Spectro Cloud has announced $7.5 million in seed funding led by Sierra Ventures with participation from Boldstart Ventures.

The company simultaneously launched Spectro Cloud, the company’s first product, which provides scalable management of Kubernetes for enterprises that need control over their infrastructure.

The product has been in private beta since January and will be generally available next quarter.

“The market for Kubernetes has crossed the chasm,” said Mark Fernandes, managing director at Sierra Ventures.

“What we’ve heard from our CXO Advisory Board of Global 1000 IT executives is that enterprises are still struggling with the operational complexity that comes with Kubernetes.

“Spectro Cloud’s team has a deep understanding of the needs of enterprises and has found a unique way to make Kubernetes easy to use for its rapidly growing customer base.”

The company revealed its product lets enterprises customize a Kubernetes infrastructure stack for specific business needs by using a declarative model to define cluster profiles.


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Spectro Cloud uses these cluster profiles to automate deployment and maintenance of clusters across the enterprise.

“From our dozens of conversations with Fortune 500s, it was clear that deploying Kubernetes was a top priority but there was still no solution that met their needs,” said Ed Sim, founder and managing partner at Boldstart Ventures.

“Spectro Cloud is the first company that not only gives customers fine-grained control, flexibility and multi-cloud capabilities for their Kubernetes stack but also the ease of use and scalability of a managed SaaS platform.

“The team’s deep background in cloud infrastructure (founded CliQr – sold to Cisco) and their design first ethos has been well received by large enterprises, and we’re thrilled to be partnered with Spectro Cloud as they redefine the infrastructure ecosystem.”

Roy Illsley, Analyst, Enterprise IT, Omdia said that Enterprises are struggling to realize the promise of Kubernetes due to its operational complexity.

“We’ve seen enterprises struggle with managed Kubernetes options, and we’ve also seen them waste time and money trying to do everything in-house,” said Tenry Fu, co-founder and CEO of Spectro Cloud.

“With Spectro Cloud, we’re giving enterprises a way to run Kubernetes at scale without having to convert their entire way of working to whatever one large vendor thinks is correct. They’ve been burned by that approach before.”

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