Schneider Electric launches climate positive data centre portfolio as CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire warns investors will STOP backing non-sustainable businesses

Schneider Electric chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire takes to the stage at the company's Innovation Summit 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Schneider Electric

The company becomes fully immersed in liquid cooling technology, however, there is still no date for the first shipment in what will be a big market shake-up for liquid cooling startups.

Companies worldwide are racing not to only join the fight against climate change but also to avoid their investors dropping out from funding their businesses as a result of investors’ demand for green-friendly sustainable businesses.

That is what Schneider Electric’s CEO and chairman Jean-Pascal Tricoire told a crowd of thousands at the company’s Innovation Summit 2019 in Barcelona.

“There is no tolerance from the younger generation [on the climate issue],” he said. “And investor will stop investing in companies that are not sustainable. We are at a point of inflexion and what is happening today would not happen three, six, ten years ago.”

For the audience it was clear that Climate Change is now Schneider Electric’s major focus, something CEO Tricoire has been very active about in recent years.

He also said that there are reasons to be optimistic about the work being done globally to make industries more environmentally friendly and that it could be realistic to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.

Nevertheless, he stressed that current levels of energy-related emissions are an “unbearable trend” as these amount to more than 80% of global greenhouse gases.

With digitalisation becoming a heavy energy consumer worldwide, Schneider has aligned its data centre portfolio to also answer the needs of an industry that is facing ever-mounting pressure to make more use of renewable energy.


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As an answer, Schneider Electric has announced it has partnered with Avnet and Iceotope to jointly develop immersive liquid cooling solutions for data centres.

Liquid cooling has been praised as the next major transformational investment within the data centre world as businesses face pressure to reduce energy consumption, space constraints, water usage restrictions and in some cases, harsh IT environments.

The liquid cooling market is also expected to skyrocket to $2.5bn in revenues by 2025, up from today’s less than $1bn.

Some of the major benefits defended by vendors include minimal heat added to the space, the elimination of fan-based systems, waste heat recovery, more flexibility in terms of flooring layout and ability to deploy data centres in almost any environment as local climate – usually colder – does not impact the liquid cooling system. This will also advance the widespread deployment of edge computing infrastructure.

In terms of the partnership announced in Barcelona, Avnet has been tasked with providing technology integration services, while Iceotope will work on chassis-level immersion cooling technologies and Schneider Electric on data centre infrastructure solutions.

Kevin Brown, CTO and SVP of Innovation, Secure Power, Schneider Electric: “Compute intensive applications like AI and IoT are driving the need for better chip performance. Our quantitative analysis and testing of liquid cooling approaches shows significant benefits to the market.

“This partnership is the next step in solution development and we are excited to be working with Avnet and Iceotope.”

Schneider Electric has invested in Iceotope through SE Ventures, the investment arm of the Innovation at the Edge program which includes investments, incubations, partnerships and joint ventures with external partners in the transition to decentralised, digitised and decarbonised energy.

In addition to the liquid cooling partnership, Schneider Electric has also launched new EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions bringing together power, cooling, racks, and management to support the deployment of distributed IT networks in all environments from small edge applications to hyperscale cloud data centres.

Within the portfolio announced today, Schneider has launched EcoStruxure Micro Data Center in a 6U wall-mount model, designed to support large edge servers in a low-profile cabinet that maximizes floor space.

Jim Simonelli, SVP Emerging Businesses, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric, said: “No one else can provide the full, standardized IT infrastructure solutions that Schneider can along with the partner ecosystem to ensure simplified deployment and compatibility.

“A fully integrated EcoStruxure Data Center Solution, including EcoStruxure IT and Asset Advisor 24/7 remote monitoring and services, ensures resiliency in the cloud and at the edge.”

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