Sabey Data Centers adds Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to Washington campus

Orange data centre in Côte d'Ivoire

Sabey Data Centers confirms that is has added a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute node to its Intergate. Quincy data centre campus in central Washington.

The new node will enable Sabey’s customers to create private connections between their IT environment and Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

“Azure ExpressRoute offers a cloud connectivity solution for customers with their own presence inside our Quincy data centre,” said Robert Rockwood, president of Sabey Data Centers.

“They now have direct, highly secure access to the Microsoft cloud without having to route through the internet.

“This is a game changer because our customers can now take advantage of the low-cost renewable power available at Intergate.Quincy without sacrificing any flexibility as they build their hybrid IT strategy.”


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According to Rockwood, Azure ExpressRoute connections offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical internet connections and provide the customer greater control of their network, particularly in hybrid cloud computing environments.

“In the recent past, enterprises generally managed their own IT environment or used the cloud but now they are constantly looking to optimize, and that means leveraging one- and oftentimes, multiple cloud providers.”

“We want to provide the best options to make that happen and having a native Azure on-ramp is a big win for all our customers,” added Tim Mirick, senior vice president of sales and marketing, at Sabey Data Centers.

Both of Sabey’s interconnected data centre campuses in Central Washington will be able to take advantage of the Azure ExpressRoute.

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