Russian and Korean cloud firms join forces to offer internationally connected services

Seoul to Russia

The Yandex and NBP deal still promises to make sure customers stay within local laws when it comes to data sovereignty demands.

Yandex is partnering with NAVER Business Platform (NBP) in South Korea to provide, develop, and promote cloud services in Russia and South Korea. NBP provides infrastructure, security, information processing and cloud services.

“Together, our services will help software companies and developers seamlessly expand into the Russian and South Korean markets,” the two companies said.

Last year, Yandex launched Yandex.Cloud, which is deployed across Russian data centres to enable companies to store and use databases containing personal data in a purely Russian cloud.

The offering addresses data sovereignty demands required by Russian law. “Yandex.Cloud’s ease of use, flexible pricing and the accessibility of Yandex technologies make it easy to complement an existing IT infrastructure or even serve as an alternative to it,” said Yandex at the time.

The new partnership will enable NBP customers to quickly deploy their services in Russia on the Yandex.Cloud. Similarly, companies using Yandex.Cloud will be able to easily launch their digital products in South Korea on the NAVER Business Platform.

Customers who use the service will be fully compliant with local data storage regulations, said the pair, and have access to flexible customer service. Companies can get support directly from their “home” platform – Yandex.Cloud in Russia or NBP in South Korea.

As part of the joint effort, Yandex.Cloud and NAVER Business Platform also plan to collaborate on data storage and data management technologies. This includes Yandex’s proprietary database management system, internet security services and online infrastructure technologies.

Earlier this year, Yandex started the second phase of its 10MW data centre facility in the Energetik neighbourhood of the city of Vladimir in Russia. The launch of the expanded facility has been scheduled for 2020, with it set to double from its original size. The data centre facility has been operating in Vladimir since 2017.