Redstor to add new data centre in Johannesburg to treble revenue in a year

South African cloud data management company Redstor is following through on its expansion plans by adding a new data centre in Johannesburg.

Redstor is pressing ahead with its vigorous growth plans to treble its business by 2020 and has made major investments in data centre facilities over several years to provide services with enterprise-level availability.

According to the company, the decision to take up a presence at Teraco’s Isando campus follows unprecedented demands for Redstor’s data management platform.

Paul Evans, CEO and co-founder of Redstor, said: “Businesses are constantly creating more and more data and numerous organisations are recognising great value in Redstor’s pioneering cloud data management service.”

Tom Campbell, Technical Services Director at Redstor, said: “As well as giving us additional capacity for adding new customers, the data centre in Johannesburg enhances our coverage and improves our resilience.

“We now have stronger geographical separation of data in Africa for continuity purposes.”

Redstor is now also looking into taking up a presence in a new data centre in Germany and elsewhere in mainland Europe.

“In the last year we have grown our cloud data management offering by more than 30% internationally,” added Evans.

“We’ve gained numerous relationships with organisations, who are recognising great value in Redstor’s pioneering cloud data management service.”

Currently there are 13 data centre facilities in Johannesburg including that of Teraco Johannesburg, Vox DataPro Johannesburg, Neotel Data Center, New Telco South Africa, Telemedia Rivonia Teleport, and two internet solutions Johannesburg facilities.

Back in November, Redstor partnered with VMware to accelerate solution development in a bid to treble its revenue in just over a year.

“IT staff can now initiate a recovery in a single step, taking seconds, and as a result, this removes a lot of complexity and allows customers to meet more challenging recovery time objectives,” added Campbell.

Data Economy contacted Redstor for further information on the data centre facility in Johannesburg, to which they are yet to respond.