Orange post-Covid strategy focused on AI, 5G and fibre

Stéphane Richard Orange Stéphane Richard Orange

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard has made a series of appointments to the group’s executive committee to help the organisation leverage AI, data, fibre and 5G under its Engage2025 strategic plan.

Richard said: “The months ahead include some uncertainties but also real opportunities, whether that means accelerating digital transformation, making further technological progress in 5G, network function virtualisation, cloud, edge, or taking advantage of developments specific to our telecoms sector.  

“We are actively preparing to detect and where possible seize these opportunities. We need to accelerate and shorten our reaction and decision times so that we can confront with confidence the profound changes brought about by the global epidemic,” he added.

Heading up AI, data and 5G will be former Orange Belgium CEO, Michaël Trabbia, appointed chief technology and innovation officer for the group, overseeing the technology and global innovation division.

His role will be “to seize the opportunities presented by upcoming technologies such as AI, data and 5G and to set-up the group as a major player in the new innovation ecosystem”.

Meanwhile, Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, deputy CEO, will oversee Orange’s European operational activities outside France, focused in particular on the roll out of 5G and fibre.

And Ramon Fernandez, delegate CEO, has been appointed executive director finance, performance and development. Orange said that, in the context of the global economic crisis, Fernandez will be responsible for preserving the group’s financial position while overseeing flagship projects to take Orange into the future.

Supporting these appointments, Elisabeth Tchoungui has been named the new executive director CSR, diversity and philanthropy; Béatrice Mandine has seen her role expanded as executive director communications, engagement and brand; and Gervais Pellissier, delegate CEO, becomes executive director of HR and group transformation. His key responsibilities will include defining “the company of tomorrow” and tackling the skills challenge.

Richard added: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Laurent Paillassot for his valuable service as CEO of Orange Spain in making it the number two player and Valérie Le Boulanger for her hard work and efforts as HR Executive Director, especially during the health crisis. Both will pursue other opportunities outside the Group.

“I’m also extremely grateful to Christine Albanel, who is leaving office after 10 years at Orange. Her unmatched experience in public affairs, especially in the field of culture, and her sensitivity to social issues, have greatly contributed to the Group’s influence in France and around the world.”