Oracle’s 4,000 Middle East & Africa customers are heading to the cloud

Oracle's facility in South Africa

Oracle has decided that it is time to crank things up a notch, and is putting a plan in action to get all of its 4,000 on-premise customers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region on to the cloud.

This new action strategy was revealed to techradar in an interview, which saw the company’s senior vice-president for business applications (MEA) Arun Khehar reveal that Oracle hopes to complete this massive task in the next two years.

Data Economy reached out to Oracle for further details on just how the company plans to execute this plan, as well as its desired outcome once the move is complete, to which the company is yet to respond.

The report revealed that Khehar believes that 1,000 of its on-premise customers moving to the cloud this year is an achievable goal.

Oracle is also planning to open a data centre facility in Saudi Arabia before the year ends, according to the report by techradar.


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In February this year, Oracle opened its data centre facility in Abu Dhabi, which was the first data centre opened in the Middle East by the company.

The company revealed that the Abu Dhabi data centre facility will support the adoption of Oracle Cloud in the UAE.

The company had originally expressed its intention to open a data centre facility in Abu Dhabi back in 2016.

Oracle has said that it will act as a catalyst for the implementation of UAE’s strategy for the fourth Industrial Revolution aimed at building the country’s leadership in education and advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, robotics and genomic medicine.

Elsewhere, the company launched a data centre hub in South Korea three weeks ago.

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