Oracle Cloud Infrastructure unveils its Osaka region is now live

Osaka, Japan

Oracle Cloud has announced that its Osaka, Japan region is now available, with the company revealing that it has named the region ap-osaka-1.

The Osaka region has one availability domain. The company made mention of its second region in Japan last year May when Andrew Reichman, director of product management at Oracle wrote it in a blog post.

“Customers can also expect a second Japan region, in Osaka, later this year, which will further enable effective workload deployment among the most demanding enterprises and public-sector organisations in the country,” said Reichman.

The company’s new cloud region addresses the needs for high performance, security, resiliency and local data residency that Japanese organisations require to “increase cloud adoption with confidence”.

Elsewhere, Oracle announced enhancements to its enterprise management platform, stating that the new release adds functionality that automates database migration and provides a single dashboard that improves visibility, control, and management for hybrid IT environments.


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Oracle Enterprise Manager’s migration capabilities provide ease of use to accelerate and simplify the transition to the cloud, according to the company.

“As organisations move to the cloud, they are faced with complex, time-consuming, manual, error-prone migration tasks,” said Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Software Development, Oracle.

“Only Oracle provides Autonomous Cloud services, as well as the tools and migration services to help customers easily move to the cloud.

“Oracle Enterprise Manager removes the complexity with highly automated, guided migrations and provides a single dashboard for easily managing hybrid cloud environments.”

The company is also set to expand deployment and access choices for Oracle Enterprise Manager, revealing that DBAs can now deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Oracle best-practices for high availability, capitalising on Oracle Enterprise Manager features as well as the benefits of a cloud deployment.

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