Oracle and Microsoft widen cloud integration to mainland Europe

Going Dutch again

Fresh from extending the relationship to Canada, the two cloud service providers are making sure that lower latency and easier data compliance are available in other key markets.

Oracle and Microsoft have announced the continued expansion of their cloud interoperability partnership, this time at Oracle’s recently opened Amsterdam, Netherlands cloud region.

The two companies’ partnership aims to deliver more efficient and lower latency access to customers and service providers using applications and services provided by the two vendors.

The new Netherlands interconnect means enterprises can build workloads that “seamlessly” interoperate between Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud regions within the European Union data jurisdiction, Oracle and Microsoft said.

The expansion builds on an existing partnership and cloud interconnectivity started in the US in June 2019 and which was extended to London later that summer. It was also recently extended to Toronto, Canada.

Oracle and Microsoft are also providing integrated identity and access management, so customers don’t have to manage multiple passwords when accessing their cloud resources and applications.

Andrew Sutherland, SVP of EMEA for Oracle Cloud, said: “Our new interconnect in Amsterdam is good news for many businesses that rely on software from both companies. They can share applications and it will make it faster and easier for customers to run a combination of Oracle and Microsoft software.”

In Europe, as well as in London and Amsterdam, Oracle has cloud regions in both Frankfurt and Zurich. It is also planning to open another one in Newport, South Wales, UK by the end of this year.