Saturday, November 25, 2017

Why there is only one storage, and that is storage

A hot industry which has seen much activity and transformation in recent years, as Alex McMullan, CTO EMEA, at Pure Storage, proves. By João Marques Lima.


What is the current state of the flash market?

Alex McMullan, CTO EMEA, at Pure Storage

AM: The storage market has seen a massive evolution over the last two years, there have been some seismic shifts, it is a reflection on “the world is changed”.

The flash market is now simply just a storage market. Everything has gone by on that basis. We have seen that from all of our competitors in terms of moving away from mechanical disk and in many cases just retrofitting those existing systems with a solid-state drive (SSDs).

That is fine but you want to take it much further in terms of innovation because for us it is about data, not about storage. We would like everything to simply just be ‘the storage market’.


Has there been a similar massive change in regards to customers?

AM: Customers do not want to talk about storage, they want to talk about data, about applications, innovation, orchestration and automation.

The storage conversations are very much fading away. I do not have storage conversations anymore whether it is a CEO, CIO or a COO.

They talk about data, everybody wants to talk about analytics, they want to talk about average revenue per user, knowing the customers better, security, and all those are data issues.


Is the time to educate the market around storage over?

AM: Yes. There is an acceptance that we are transitioning and evolving from cloud computing to edge computing and data sets are now getting so big you cannot move them around, you cannot tier them, you cannot cache them, so essentially, you have to deal with the workload where you find it.

The problem with cloud computing is a link from data centres to the public cloud, those are the big constraints, and is now becoming a bottleneck, which has not happened for a long time, and that is where the shift is occurring.


What is the main challenge for a company in this space?

AM: Everybody wants to make it bigger, faster and cheaper, that is the challenge. Every other storage vendor, every other data platform vendor has the same challenge.


This article originally appeared in the Data Economy magazine. To read more on data centres, cloud and data, visit here