Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Official. HPE’s OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS now part of SUSE

In return, HPE has also made SUSE a preferred open source partner for Linux, OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS.

Open source company SUSE has officially completed the acquisition of OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS talent and technology assets from HPE.

The intention to acquire the assets was first announced in December 2016 as the company’s roadmap seeks to invest heavily on enterprise-grade open source software-defined infrastructure and application platforms.

The investment will be used to expand SUSE’s OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution and accelerate the company’s entry into the Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market.

The acquired OpenStack assets will be integrated into SUSE OpenStack Cloud, and the acquired Cloud Foundry and PaaS assets will enable SUSE to bring to market a certified, enterprise-ready SUSE Cloud Foundry PaaS solution for customers and partners in the SUSE ecosystem.

Nils Brauckmann, CEO of SUSE, said: “The completion of this acquisition is one more important step in SUSE’s ongoing growth and expansion strategy.

“We are excited to welcome the many new team members into our organisation and incorporate these great technologies into our portfolio.

“Our customers and partners will immediately benefit from the increased depth, breadth and value this brings to our enterprise-focused software-defined infrastructure solutions.”

In addition, HPE has named SUSE a preferred open source partner for Linux, OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS.

The two companies also have a non-exclusive agreement under which HPE may OEM SUSE’s OpenStack IaaS and SUSE’s Cloud Foundry PaaS technology for use inside HPE’s Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato solutions.

Commenting on the acquisition at the time it was announced, Ric Lewis, SVP and GM, Software-Defined and Cloud Group at HPE, said: “We are evolving our investment strategy to focus on developing the next generation of hybrid cloud solutions, which combines HPE technology with a broad ecosystem of open source and partner technologies that support traditional and cloud native applications.”