Thursday, November 23, 2017

Odata to invest $100m in Colombian data centres

First international expansion to be complemented with further growth of colocation footprint in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

Continuing the up rise of the data centre industry in South America, Brazilian colocation company Odata has announced plans to invest $100m in the construction of three data centres in Colombia.

The build will be the company’s first outside Brazil and will, on a first phase, amount to 23,680 sqf.

Construction works are expected to begin in H2 2017 and the facility is scheduled to open in H1 2018,.

The other two data centres are projected to be erected within a seven year period.

In addition to the new builds in Colombia, the provider has also announced plans to invest in a second wave of expansion in Brazil.

After opening its first building in São Paulo in May this year, Odata is now expanding that same data centre.

At full build, the DC SP 01 site will amount to 12 data halls. Two have been put to work with two more set to be added in the near future.

Earlier in the year, Odata also announced its intention to begin the construction of a data centre in Chile.

Furthermore, the company has said it plans to build facilities in Peru, Argentine and Mexico. However, no dates have been put forward for these three regions.

Ricardo Alário, CEO of Odata, said: “With the migration to the cloud, data traffic will grow very rapidly, generating a huge demand for physical spaces specially built for the housing of servers.

“These buildings will also have to be built in a way that they offer better infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and security. Odata was created to address that need.”

Odata received in 2016 a funding of $60.6m from investment firm Pátria Investimentos to build out its data centre business in Brazil alone.