Monday, October 23, 2017

OCP revolution makes waves with Dutch enterprise data centre provider

Provider sets eyes on future business drivers such as Internet of Things, VR, AR, MR, cloud computing and online gaming.

The open source revolution sweeping the data centre industry has arrived at Dutch colocation provider Switch Datacenters.

The company has announced that its 89,555 sqf data centre in Amsterdam, AMS1, has been expanded with the addition of a data hall suitable for Open Rack Systems, Open Rack V2, based on Open Compute Project (OCP) principles.

The new hall adds to the facility 10,763 sqf of colocation space and a power capacity of 2MW plus 2N power configuration.

The partial power usage effectiveness (pPUE) for the building has been calculated at 1.04, in line with the OCP’s and Facebook’s standards.

An integral part of the layout according to OCP principles is Switch Datacenters’ recently developed and patented cooling technology that combines indirect adiabatic cooling with direct heat recovery in a highly scalable manner.

The UPS technology and power supplies deployed are also in line with these OCP principles.

The data centre also has lithium-ion batteries available on rack level.

Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters, said: “With this innovative approach we expect to meet future ‘agile’ expectations from current clients including IBM, 3W Infra, PWC and PCextreme, and new customers alike.”

“Quite some large telco’s have adopted the OCP design principles already,” added Mr. Snip. “We are one of the first in Europe, but soon other colocation providers will have to follow – as corporates will ask for OCP-specified data centers to deploy their IT infrastructures.

“Colocation data centers based on OCP principles will be designed for high energy-efficiency and scalability while reducing operational complexity. It is the way to go to stay agile and adapt to changing conditions with regards to applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and online gaming.”