NTT Data unveils three global centres for digital technologies

Yo Honma, president and chief executive officer, representative director, NTT Data

The development of the CoEs is one of the core activities of NTT DATA’s global digital strategy outlined in its mid-term business plan, fiscal 2019-2021.

NTT DATA Corporation has established Centres of Excellence (CoE) in three advanced technology areas (IoT, Intelligent Automation, Software Engineering Automation) to accumulate knowledge on digital technologies on a global scale as well as train engineers.

The company said the CoEs aim to increase the presence of NTT DATA in seven fields of advanced digital technologies, including four previously established CoEs (AI, Blockchain, Agile/DevOps, Digital Design), and to contribute to increasing global orders received.

One of the strategies set forth in the medium-term management plan “Expansion of global digital offerings” is to expand the number of technology-intensive CoEs, according to the company.

“The CoEs are part of an initiative that utilises NTT DATA’s global network of talent and advanced digital technologies to contribute to the digital transformation of clients by providing knowledge, training, technical support, and assets across the globe,” said the company in a written release.


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“Four CoEs have already been established in areas of leading-edge technology: Blockchain, Digital Design, Agile/DevOps, and AI.”

NTT DATA is set to expand activities in the following three areas and establish CoEs for all of the six “Digital Focus Areas” that the company defines as the fields of advanced technology essential for digitization.

NTT DATA also revealed it is undergoing business changes such as the upgrading of factories. With teams across 10 sites in nine countries, NTT DATA will be deploying advanced initiatives in the manufacturing industry and in social infrastructure development in Germany and Italy and on a global basis, starting in Japan.

In the area of Intelligent Automation, the company revealed it has received orders worth more than 10 billion yen per year.

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