Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mobile, big data, SaaS, PaaS and IoT spark need for enterprise API collaboration

Applications, systems and endpoints are getting connected in more complex multiorganisation ecosystems hampering digital business transformation.

The booming industries of mobile, data, IoT and as a service (aaS) are posing big challenges to businesses’ agility and ability to respond to a real-time data economy.

In its latest attempt to take on that, application networks services provider MuleSoft has unveiled Crowd, featuring a set of collaboration capabilities that enable the creation, saving, discovery and reuse of APIs and other integration assets within the company’s platform, Anypoint Platform.

The Anypoint Platform release has introduced updates to Anypoint Exchange and the new Anypoint Design Center, making the discovery, promotion and consumption of composable IT assets, such as APIs and best practice templates, more natural for users of the platform.

MuleSoft claims that by enabling self-service access to reusable assets, central IT organisations can pave the road for innovation across the enterprise, and enable line-of-business (LOB) and broader IT teams to deliver their own integration projects quickly and securely.

Mark Dao, chief product officer, MuleSoft, said: ”With Crowd, central IT and product teams have a unified way to bring people, process and technology together to build an application network without losing governance and control.

“Different teams can collaborate on building APIs and integration while driving toward a common outcome on a shared platform.

“The innovations in this release are enabling businesses to change the way they operate by empowering more users to discover, reuse and connect technology and business assets to achieve greater levels of agility and speed.”