MLflow Project joins Linux Foundation

Michael Dolan, the foundation’s VP of strategic programs Michael Dolan, the foundation’s VP of strategic programs

Non-profit open source advocate The Linux Foundation, has added MLflow to its membership.

Theopen source machine learning (ML) platform created by Databricks launched two years ago at the Spark + AI Summit, and since then has engaged 200 contributors, seen more than two million downloads per month and noted a four=-fold annual growth rate in downloads.

Announcing the news during this year’s Spark + AI Summit, Matei Zaharia (pictured), the creator of MLflow and original creator of Apache Spark, said: “Machine learning is transforming all major industries and driving billions of decisions in retail, finance, and health care.

“Our move to contribute MLflow to the Linux Foundation is an invitation to the machine learning community to incorporate the best practices for ML engineering into a standard platform that is open, collaborative, and end-to-end.”

He added: “MLflow has become the open source standard for machine learning platforms because of the community of contributors, which consists of hundreds of engineers from over a hundred companies.”

New features to further simplify MLflow and the ML lifecycle are also being announced at the summit, including autologging for experiments, and enhanced model management and deployment in the MLflow model registry.

“The steady increase in community engagement shows the commitment data teams have to building the machine learning platform of the future. The rate of adoption demonstrates the need for an open source approach to standardizing the machine learning lifecycle,” said Michael Dolan, the foundation’s VP of strategic programs.

“Our experience in working with the largest open source projects in the world shows that an open governance model allows for faster innovation and adoption through broad industry contribution and consensus building,” Dolan added.