Middle Eastern banks complete digital overhaul with Kubernetes used for the first time

Jordan City Jordan City.

Project in Jordan was launched on Microsoft Azure using Kubernetes, which hasn’t been previously used in the region to date.

The National Bank of Iraq (NBI) and the Capital Bank of Jordan (CBoJ) have both extended their digital offerings using cloud and Kubernetes whilst working in partnership with digital-first banking software provider Backbase and implementation partner, Bring Global.

First, the NBI has fully upgraded its digital services as well as trained the bank’s teams on best practices, allowing them to better serve their customers and capitalise on the Backbase platform’s capabilities.  

Ayman Abu Duhaim, CEO of the NIB, commented on the partnership: “We wanted the best for our customers now, but it was very important to find the right partner who would help us scale over time. It wasn’t just about the platform but we equally wanted a platform that enables us to continue adding value to our customers in a seamless manner.

“The project consisted of four separate tracks that went live in just one year. This was also the first time a bank has launched over cloud in Iraq. This success is a testament to the dedication of the teams at both companies.”


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Jouk Pleiter, CEO at Backbase, added: “We’re thrilled to work with the National Bank of Iraq on the first cloud launch in the region. The scope of the project and the time frame also proves what we always tell our clients: being agile is the most efficient and effective way to work.”

Elsewhere in Jordan, the CBoJ has enlisted Backbase to aid in a complete digital overhaul.

The project aimed to deliver new digital experiences for corporate banking, as well as mobile and web applications for retail banking.

Similarly to the NBI’s upgrade, Bring Global, has also been enlisted as the implementation partner on the project.

The project was launched on Microsoft Azure using Kubernetes, which hasn’t been used in the region, according to the bank.

Isam Samara, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at CBoJ, said: “As a financial services player one of our core aims is to serve our clients digitally; we have started the project after careful gathering of clients’ needs and requirements which formulated our roadmap for delivery with a forward-looking understanding that our clients requirements and industry will continue evolving.. we have adopted cutting edge technologies and solutions that our clients deserve in managing their financials.”

Ibrahim Youssry, General Manager, MEA Multi-Country Cluster covering North, West, East & Southern Africa, Levant & Pakistan countries, Microsoft, said: “Financial institutions remain uniquely positioned to drive economic empowerment.

“At Microsoft, we are on a journey to empower these organisations to deliver new value and differentiated experiences, helping them to thrive in the digital age. Technology provides the shortest path to achieve these ambitions and we commit to work with Capital Bank of Jordan to accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

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