Microsoft unveils cloud computing services in UK Azure regions

Microsoft has announced more than 60 Azure regions across the world

The company releases 10 new services for its cloud platform in the country, including some that utilise cybersecurity technology available today.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has introduced a number of new cloud computing services across its UK Azure regions to help keep organisations’ data secure and enable innovation through the use of bots, IoT technology amongst others.

The company revealed that one of the new services, Azure Bastion, limits threats by letting the user connect to its virtual machines in Azure without using public IP addresses.

Microsoft says this reduces exposure to the public internet and risks such as malware that could be targeting virtual machines.

Michael Wignall, Azure Business Lead at Microsoft UK, said: “Microsoft continues to invest in our UK Azure regions to meet the growing needs of our customers.

“Azure is helping organisations, both large and small, adapt to a new way of working, and our cloud experts continue to help them at this challenging time.”

Another new feature Microsoft unveiled is Azure Confidential Computing. Microsoft said it is common practice to encrypt and protect data while it is sitting in a data centre and being moved across a network, but Azure can now secure information while it is being used.


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As a result, it will be possible for multiple organisations to combine their data sets and analyse them without being able to access each other’s data.

Banks could use Confidential Computing to combine transaction data to detect fraud and money laundering, and hospitals could combine patient records for analysis to improve the diagnosis of diseases, according to the company.

Other services that have been released in UK Azure regions include:

  • Azure App Configuration – centrally manage application settings
  • Azure Bot Service – a bot development service that helps you connect to users via popular channels
  • Consumption Plan Linux – automatically allocates compute power when your code is running
  • Azure IoT Central – a platform that connects you with devices, partners, app templates and problem solvers
  • Premium Plan Linux – enhanced performance for production apps
  • Time Series Insights – collect, process, store, analyse and query data
  • Virtual Network NAT – simplifies outbound-only internet connectivity for virtual networks

Microsoft continues to invest in its Azure network across Europe, with the company’s recent announcement of its $1 billion investment plan in Poland that includes a new Azure region in the country.

The company also unveiled a $1.5bn, five-year investment plan in Italy that also includes the first cloud region in the nation, located in Milan.

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