Sunday, October 22, 2017

Megaport, Alibaba together in enterprise cloud market shake up

Chinese cloud giant to make use of Megaport’s SDN global reach to tap into new markets.

Megaport (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Megaport Limited (Megaport), has entered into a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to provide enterprises with direct and scalable access to Alibaba Cloud via the Megaport global SDN.

The partnership seeks to allow enterprises to scale their cloud connectivity and enable rapid provisioning of capacity to Alibaba Cloud.

Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer of Megaport, said: “Direct, dedicated access to Alibaba Cloud’s services adds value to our platform.

“This partnership enables customers globally to directly access services from the leading cloud provider based in China. Partnering with China’s largest public cloud provider aligns with our strategy to enrich our Ecosystem and provides greater service options for our customers.”

Yeming Wang, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud, said: “The global reach of the Megaport SDN makes it simpler for Alibaba Cloud to access new markets.

“We’re pleased to deliver consumption-based, direct cloud access to our customers through Megaport’s SDN to provide greater value and bring our services closer to enterprises. Megaport is an ideal partner to deliver these services and enable our customers to leverage powerful and on-demand cloud connectivity.”