Saturday, November 25, 2017

Meet Iris. An artificial intelligence assistant using advanced algorithms to drive enterprise data through the cloud

“Self-driving” technology has been built to automatically learn from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flows.

The time of discussing how artificial intelligence will penetrate the enterprise layer is over as organisations are faced with unprecedented challenges surrounding data management.

Although a lot of the technology is not new, only in recent years the industry has seen a surge in AI solutions launches.

The most recent launch has been made by self-service integration company SnapLogic, which has unveiled Iris AI, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate highly repetitive development tasks, eliminating integration backlogs that stifle most technology initiatives.

The company claims Iris can effectively change the economics of cloud, analytics, and digital transformation initiatives.

Iris uses advanced algorithms to learn from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flows via the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

It applies that learning to deliver step-by-step guidance, improving the speed and quality of integrations across data, applications, and business processes.

The “self-driving” software thus shortens the learning curve for line-of-business users to manage their own data flows, while freeing up technology teams for higher-value design and deployment needs.

At its debut, the first Iris-based feature is SnapLogic Integration Assistant, a recommendation engine that uses machine intelligence to give business users and analysts guidelines into building data pipelines.

Gaurav Dhillon, founder and CEO of SnapLogic, said: “The ancient pharaohs built the pyramids with manual labour, but there’s a better way to manage business automation and analytics.

“Starting today, the smart way to integrate data, applications and things will be autonomous – blending the best of machine and human intelligence.

“The days of simply throwing more developers at the problem are coming to a close.”

With the launch of Iris, SnapLogic has also warned the industry that it will be carrying out a series of technology launches over the next two to three years based on its Enterprise Integration Cloud.