MariaDB takes on Teradata, Vertica and Redshift with open source columnar storage engine

Need for speed in data economy drives MariaDB to launch solution that it claims is cheaper and ready for the true big data society.

Open source database player MariaDB has announced the general availability of MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0, an open source columnar storage engine.

The company said ColumnStore 1.0 brings together transactional and analytic processing with a single front end to deliver an enterprise-grade solution aimed at simplifying high-performance, big data analytics.

According to MariaDB, data warehousing and analytics are undergoing massive transformation driven by cloud computing, cost of compute, distributed deployments and big data.

“Yet, enterprises continue to be confronted with two imperfect options for big data analytics: build a costly, proprietary data warehouse on premise with vendors like Teradata and Vertica, or get locked into potentially uncontrollable costs with cloud-based solutions like Redshift,” the company said in a statement.

Some of the features designed into ColumnStore 1.0 include the flexibility for enterprises o decide whether they want to deploy in the cloud or on-premise with comodoty hardware.

In addition, the columnar engine can be turned for a particular dataset and run analytics from the same front end as their transactional system.

ColumnStore also offers full ANSI SQL capabilities including queries for joins, aggregation and window functions.

Furthermore, MariaDB ColumnStore distributes the queries into series of parallel operations.

David Thompson, VP of engineering at MariaDB, said: “Data warehouses are famously expensive and complex – requiring proprietary hardware which makes it nearly impossible to deploy on the cloud, or on commodity hardware.

“Costing on average 90% less per TB per year than the leading data warehouses and offering a scalable solution for the cloud, MariaDB ColumnStore presents a new, open source model for big data analytics that is designed to meet today’s enterprise needs.”

Jason Stamper, analyst of data platforms and analytics at 451 Research, said: “The demand for robust analytics technologies has exploded as companies look to derive greater value from increasing data volume.

“MariaDB’s ColumnStore is a new option for high-performance analytics to big data.”