Make computing green (again). Immersed cooling startup partners with HPC provider in push for green edge computing

Growth of edge devices and expansion of IT needs is driving the business for edge solutions forward.

Amsterdam-based immersed cooling company Asperitas has entered into a partnership with French green HPC services provider Qarnot to make deployments on the building market more environment-friendly.

Under the partnership, Qarnot will act as a value-added reseller and operator of the immersed computing solution AIC24 developed by Asperitas.

The AIC24 is a stand-alone plug and play solution for IT in an energy efficient way making use of total liquid cooling.

Qarnot, which operates under the motto of “Make computing green (again)”, provides cloud computing through a distributed infrastructure where computing power is not deployed in concentrated data centres, but spread throughout a city in the form of computing heaters and boilers.

The devices have been designed for several uses, including edge computing environments that require smaller and fast-deploying infrastructure.

In its turn, Asperitas is a cleantech startup which focus on the European data centre and cloud market. The company, which doubled its staff earlier in 2017, has been working since 2014 in the development immersive computing as the go technology to cool down IT equipment.

The company launched its first product, AIC24, in 2017.

Maikel Bouricius, marketing manager at Asperitas, told Data Economy: “The energy footprint of the cloud and therefore data centre industry is growing rapidly, as advanced digital infrastructure is increasingly part of all industries.

“We need to think drastically different about how we design, build and maintain digital infrastructure and data centres for cloud services.

“Efficiency improvement of existing infrastructure based on air cooled environments is not enough, we believe a disruption is needed.

“If you want to run your cloud in a green, efficient and clean manner, every day and everywhere, Immersed Computing is a great innovation for your business.”