Macquarie Telecom Group launches new data centre unit

Sydney PoP

Macquarie Data Centres has been launched as a new business unit by Macquarie Telecom to manage their three data centres and plans of expansion.

David Hirst, Group Executive at Macquarie Telecom Group (ASX: MAQ), told CRN: “With the investments Macquarie Telecom has made, as well as the business case, it made sense with the growth that we’ve been having to make a new business unit.

“We have been doing data centres for many years, and it’s about time that it became its own entity because of its current size.”

The data centre expansion involves the development of Intellicentre 3 East, which will add 16 megawatts to its Macquarie Park campus, which presently houses the 10-megawatt Intellicentre 2 and is expected to complete late next year.

Intellicentre 3 West, a third facility, will add another 17 megawatts when it is completed. Hirst also told CRN that there would also be more facilities in the pipeline to further increase capacity.

Macquarie Telecom Group announced the expansion of its existing Macquarie Park Intellicentre to a 43MW Campus in August this year.

The Campus is designed to meet the growing needs of global hyperscalers and clouds, enterprise and Government customers.

The Company expected that the initial capital expenditure on the Intellicentre 3 East Data Centre will be approximately $75-80 million, the bulk of which will be incurred across calendar year 2019.

The company’s first data hall in the new Intellicentre Campus will achieve practical completion in late calendar 2019 with an opening day mechanical, electrical and plant (MEP) of 2.4MW.

Further investment in MEP will be funded by the debt facility.

David Tudehope, Macquarie Telecom Group CEO, said: “The investment will leverage not only the physical investment already on the site, but Macquarie’s 18-year track record of data centre experience, industry-leading customer service, carrier neutrality and commercial flexibility.”

Macquarie Telecom’s other data centres include Intellicentre 1 in Sydney CBD and Intellicentre 4 in Canberra, which caters for federal government clients.

Macquarie Telecom Group’s cloud business unit has recently secured Virtustream, a Dell Technologies company, as a new customer.