Sunday, October 22, 2017

LinkedIn data centre goes live in Oregon with Portland hub getting top efficiency stamp

Microsoft’s $26.2bn LinkedIn acquisition doesn’t stop company from expanding its data centre fleet while LinkedIn services are blocked by Russian authorities.

Professional social network company LinkedIn has opened its newest data centre in Oregon while being awarded the Efficient IT (EIT) Stamp of Approval by the Uptime Institute for its overall Portland data centre.

The now live Oregon data centre, leased from Infomat Data Centers such as the Portland hub, is part of the company’s Project Altair, a massively scalable data centre fabric.

The new data centre sits on two buildings and has a power out-put of 8MW and has more than 100,000 servers.

According to Michael Yamaguchi, director of data centre engineering at LinkedIn, the company’s data centres and infrastructure have grown by 34% on annual basis and almost half a billion people in more than 200 countries and territories use LinkedIn services.

Elsewhere, the company was award the stamp of efficiency for the entirety of its data centre fleet in Portland, which includes the new 8MW hub.

Microsoft has recently acquired LinkedIn for $26.2bn. From left to right: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and Reid Hoffman, chairman of the board at LinkedIn.

Microsoft has recently acquired LinkedIn for $26.2bn. From left to right: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Reid Hoffman, chairman of the board at LinkedIn.

The Stamp of Approval is given after a complete evaluation of enterprise leadership, operations, and computing infrastructure designed to help organisations lower costs and increase efficiency, “and leverage technology for good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources”.

The Portland data centre allows Linked to directly access green power such as low-carbon power sourced from the Bonneville Power Administration, one of the largest suppliers of hydroelectric power in the U.S.

Other assets include network diversity, expansion capabilities, power quality, environmental impact, and talent opportunities.

LinkedIn’s Portland hub also features advanced monitoring for maximised environmental control and a cooling design element that adjusts to the variable heat load.

Yamaguchi said in the blog post that “the beauty of this location is that we have direct access to green power, which is one of our specific criteria for selecting new data centres”.

Sonu Nayyar, VP of Production Operations & IT for LinkedIn, said: “Our newest data centre is a big step forward, allowing us to adopt a hyperscale architecture while being even more efficient about how we consume resources

“We look forward to improving how we source energy and ultimately reaching our goal of 100 percent renewable energy.”

Julian Kudritzki, COO at the Uptime Institute, said: “As we developed Efficient IT, we looked for a way to prioritise management action.

“The Portland data centre showcases organisational commitment around the best use of IT investments.”

Earlier this year, LinkedIn also opened its first data centre outside the Us in Jurong, Singapore.

The facility, which has seen the company investing at least $59m, occupies 2,180 sqm of real estate and has also been designed to be run at a reduced power consumption.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn is the latest US internet services provider to see its product blocked by Russian authorities.

The country’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has ordered the total shutdown of LinkedIn services in the country which is estimated to have over six million LinkedIn members.

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