Lightbend raises $25m for deployment of new cloud-native applications

Mark Brewer, CEO, Lightbend Mark Brewer, CEO, Lightbend

Cloud-native applications company Lightbend has announced the close of a $25 million financing round led by Dell Technologies Capital.

In the financial round, previous investors such as Bain Capital Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, Greylock Partners, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, and Shasta Ventures also participated.

The company has raised more than $85 million in funding to this date. The company revealed that Tyler Jewell, a Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital, joined the Lightbend board of directors.

“As a pioneer in the concepts of Reactive programming a decade ago, Lightbend has been extraordinarily prescient and has built some of the most flexible and advanced frameworks and runtimes for cloud-native computing on the market today,” said Jewell.

“Their industry vision aligns with Dell Technologies Capital’s view of the future. Lightbend is well-positioned to take advantage of two key trends that will dramatically change the enterprise computing landscape – they are the leader in Reactive architecture and enable serverless computing in a way unmatched by other vendors.”

According to investment bank Goldman Sachs, by 2021 the containerization of enterprise environments will become a $7 billion market opportunity.


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Three-quarters of that budget will be for deploying new applications enabled by containers, especially cloud-native applications.

Lightbend’s cloud-native application platform helps developers meet the growing demand for applications that optimise resource consumption by leveraging Kubernetes, microservices, and containers, according to the company.

Lightbend co-founder Jonas Bonér is the original author of the Reactive Manifesto movement and created Akka, which helps its users handle billions of transactions in their cloud-native systems.

“The rise of serverless, Reactive systems, and real-time streaming data pipelines mean wholesale changes in how organisations and systems work with software,” said Mark Brewer, CEO, Lightbend.

“This funding from Dell Technologies Capital solidifies our plans to take advantage of this market opportunity, remaining cash flow positive while further scaling our business.

“As the founding member of the newly-established Reactive Foundation, we look forward to helping empower developers within the Kubernetes ecosystem and beyond, and bringing our vision for Reactive architecture to developers worldwide.”

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