J2 Innovations launches FIN Edge2Cloud

J2 Innovations, a Siemens company, has launched Edge2Cloud a way to connect to building automation and IoT systems.

Edge2Cloud supports users of FIN, the next-gen software platform for building automation and IoT applications, allowing to easily access building data, as well as service and upgrade their FIN-based building automation systems remotely and securely.

Traditionally, this meant you needed IT support, including the use of a VPN connection, or having to waste time and resources visiting the site in person.

By using the Edge2Cloud technology, OEMs, system integrators, facilities managers and end-users will reduce the need of on-site servicing, better user and access management as well as long-term costs by ensuring building automation systems are future proof.

“The release of FIN Edge2Cloud is a game-changer for the building automation industry,” said Gareth Johnson, senior cloud architect at J2 Innovations.

“For the first time organisations can now procure an open framework that enables highly secure remote access to data from multiple systems on their sites that use BACnet, Modbus, and other protocols, without the hassle and cost and complexity of VPN.”


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Edge2Cloud uses IoT web services technology from AWS to generate a highly secure, certificate authenticated link, encrypted to TLS 1.2, between an instance of FIN Framework on site, and the cloud.

Users then log-on to the cloud service and access the FIN and building, data remotely using any browser from anywhere.

In addition, Edge2Cloud can be deployed across multiple sites within minutes and integrated with other cloud platforms via an open API framework based on Haystack 4.0. As well as access to an advanced user & device management portal provides comprehensive user management.

After the early access release of FIN Edge2Cloud, the service will become a standard part of FIN Framework when fully released in summer 2020.

The initial Essentials package will cover user & device management, portfolio management and remote access and will be offered for free for FIN Framework server licenses that are under maintenance.

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