IXcellerate appoints John Souter to its Advisory Board

John Souter

Russian data centre firm IXcellerate has announced the appointment of John Souter to its Advisory Board.

With this addition to the Advisory Board, Souter will provide strategic advice and guidance to the Executive Board and Senior Management with a specific focus on IXcellerate’s internet exchange Eurasia:peering.

Souter was until recently the CEO of LINX, the London Internet Exchange, where he oversaw LINX’s position as the world’s largest member-owned Internet Exchange Point with members spanning 80 countries and oversaw the company’s expansion and development into the USA.

Located at IXcellerate’s Moscow One data centre and with remote presence at Equinix Frankfurt, Eurasia:peering is a neutral layer-2 peering point that connects Russia with its neighbours in Eurasia including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, China and more.

The company said that with ports of 1GB, 10GB and 100GB available it offers private peering VLANs as well as multi-lateral peering arrangements.

“I’m delighted to be asked to help in this way. Now more than ever, peering is important for Internet infrastructure everywhere in the world,” said Souter.


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“IXcellerate have an extremely positive attitude towards peering in their data centres, and Eurasia:peering demonstrates this.”

Souter’s appointment is key to maintaining and strengthening the position of Eurasia:peering in the Exchange Market.

“With John joining us at this time, we are showing that our commitment to our customers and levels of service both at IXcellerate and Eurasia:peering is as strong as ever,” said Guy Willner, CEO IXcellerate.

“In these ever-changing times, having John’s strategic knowledge reinforces our team as we work to contribute to the next ten years of Internet development in the region.

Together we are working to help existing and new clients get better connected and get access to a vast array of partners here at IXcellerate, enabling them to access Europe’s largest Internet user base of over 100 million users.”

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