Israel’s Global Data Center set to launch $30m data centre hub near Tel Aviv

Moshe Lasman, CEO and Founder of Global Data Center

Israeli data centre company Global Data Center is planning an investment of around $30 million to establish a data centre hub in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv.

In the initial stage, the facility will encompass 64,000 sqf and will be in a protected and highly secured underground site, in an area that is easily accessible, and will be powered by a 15MW supply of electricity.

The construction stage of the new data centre is due to be completed towards the end of 2020 with the facility expected to commence commercial operations during 2021.

Global Data Center expects the demand for hosting services will lead to a doubling of the facility to around 129,000 sqf. The company currently operates a facility in Herzliya, Israel.

In April 2019, Global Data Center announced the doubling of its Herzliya Pituach facility to 64,000 sqf at an investment of over $10 million.

Companies using the Herzliya facility include leading Israeli and multinational companies operating in Israel, including leaders in the banking, insurance, finance and high-tech sectors.


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The company said that like its Herzliya Pituach data centre, the new facility in Petah Tikva will offer the same electricity, air conditioning and energy infrastructure required for the operation of IT and telecommunications services.

“The establishment of the new data centre, near large high-tech centres of Petah Tikva, offers the best proof of the business momentum that we are currently experiencing,” said Moshe Lasman, Founder and CEO, Global Data Center.

“High tech companies, financial institutions, and multinational organisations that operate in Israel understand the huge value embodied in the hosting of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure at a secure external site that operates on the highest international standards like those we offer.

“This is the reason that our Herzliya facility has filled up with the IT infrastructure of leading organizations and led us to understand that we must expand and build an additional facility.

“Moreover, we project that the demand for hosting at the Petah Tikva site will lead to a doubling of the size of the facility, like what we experienced in Herzliya.”

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