Thursday, October 19, 2017

Irish gov’t set to install fast-track planning for data centres

Parliament wants to avoid another Apple-like delay which has also seen a large Amazon project in Dublin delayed.

Companies seeking to build data centres in Ireland are set to be put on the fast-track lane when it comes to planning permission.

According to the Irish Independent, the Department of Enterprise is currently developing the laws and legislation needed to put such regulation forward to Parliament.

The move comes amid growing tension involving Apple’s $1bn data centre project in Galway which has been caught up in a court battle lasting nearly two years.

Last week, at Datacloud Ireland, Minister of State Pat Breen told the industry the government was devising laws to avoid the delays on “one data centre proposal” affecting other companies.

“The government is studying new laws on data centre planning proposals,” he said. “We are aware of it and we are looking into it. We are committed to find a solution and improve the industry and the building of data centres.”

Apple’s data centre project is now due another court hearing on October 12, should no shortage of judges affect the process.

The data centre, which was expected to open this year and is yet to break ground, is now expected to open in 2019, should a planning permission be given next month.

In addition to Apple, Amazon has also experience delays over its $1.2bn data centre project in Dublin.