Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Invest in Data Centre Africa

A special summit colocated with Datacloud Global Congress, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
Africa Theater – 7 June 2017.

The Africa Summit will once again take place at Datacloud in Monaco June 7-8 2017. With a reputation as the leading international deal making forum for senior data center and cloud executives, the summit promises to bring fresh impetus to businesses looking to invest in the continent’s data economy.

Invest in Data Center Africa -collocated at Datacloud Europe – will meet at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco on 7th June 2017 to discuss current and future investment in Africa data centers, connectivity via subsea cables and dark fiber, energy supply, cloud, IT investment, risk and the availability of funding.

Infrastructure investment and challenges faced by Africa will take center stage during the Summit with energy being among them. Case studies and empirical examples will be showcased, contributing to a realistic perspective for data center investors.

Data center owners, cloud service providers, energy firms, law makers and regulators will participate alongside investors in what will be EMEAs largest networking event including this highly targeted summit for Africa.

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