Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Interxion to invest €211m in new data centres across Europe

Three markets are set for expansion as cloud and connectivity demand booms across Southern and Central Europe.

Colocation services operator Interxion has set out plans worth €211m to build 123,000 sqf of new data centre space in Europe answering strong market demand.

Firstly, the company will erect buildings in Frankfurt and Marseille, two hubs which have over the last few years grown as an important financial centre and inter-continental interconnection spots, respectively.

The Frankfurt data centre, FRA13, will amount to 4,800 sqm of technical space, and will be built in two phases with a power capacity of up to 10MW.

The first phase of FRA13, is expected to provide approximately 2,300 sqm, and is planned to open in 4Q 2018. The second phase, which is expected to provide approximately 2,500 sqm, is scheduled to open in 1Q 2019.

The capital expenditure associated with FRA13 is expected to be approximately €90m.

David Ruberg, Interxion’s CEO, said: “Together with FRA11 and FRA12, which are already under construction, we are expanding our Frankfurt campus by over 10,000 sqm or 50% in the next seven quarters.

“Interxion’s Frankfurt campus is one of the largest internet hubs in Europe.  Demand for our services in Frankfurt continues to outpace supply, and we are expanding our campus to meet our customers’ growing needs.”

Elsewhere in France, the company’s Marseille data centre is also posed for the addition of a new facility, MRS2, with a total capacity of 4,300 sqm and 7MW of power, all built in two phases as well.

The first phase will add approximately 900 sqm and is scheduled to open in 1Q 2018, and the second phase will add approximately 1,800 sqm and is scheduled to open in 3Q 2018.

The capital expenditure associated with MRS2 is expected to be approximately €76m.

Ruberg said: “Since Interxion entered the market in 2014, Marseille has experienced significant growth and evolved into a crucial regional connectivity hub, with the number of connectivity providers resident in our data centre more than doubling in that time.

“The globally strategic location of the city, combined with the strong communities of interest that are forming in our data centre, is attracting new cloud and content providers to Marseille. We are adding capacity to meet that strong demand.”

Lastly, Interxion has unveiled plans to expand its presence in Vienna, where connectivity into markets across Central and Eastern Europe are proving to be in strong demand, as reported by Data Economy earlier this Summer.

The operator will add another two phases (“VIE2.7” and “VIE2.8”) together with upgraded power for its VIE2 data centre.

When completed, these phases will add approximately 2,300 sqm and approximately 6 MW of customer power to VIE2. The initial 300 sqm is expected to become available in 4Q 2017, with another 700 sqm becoming available in 2Q 2018 and another 600 sqm becoming available in 3Q 2018.

The capital expenditure associated with this further expansion of VIE2 is expected to be approximately €45m.

Ruberg said: “Interxion has experienced strong growth in Vienna since 2014, more than doubling our equipped capacity, driven by the expansion of global cloud platforms that are leveraging our densely connected network community to efficiently access key markets from this strategic location.”