India is poised for growth in data centres

Nikhil Rathi is the Founder & MD of Web Werks

The global pandemic has brought multiple aspects of internet usage to the fore. Many took to the internet for solace as well as to use their time constructively. Some worked from home and held global meetings on digital conferencing apps while others streamed videos to stay entertained and relax. This proliferated internet usage surged the demand for bandwidth from data centres. The pinch of the lack of access to quality data networks
and fully amped data centres is truly felt during this novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The popularity of data centres also comes from the growing internet penetration in India including internet giants such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and Amazon who have made India their biggest user and
development market.

In India, internet usage increased by 13% in the first week of lockdown, as reported by the Telecom Ministry. According to information gathered from service providers, the statistics revealed that the rise in residential consumption had risen due to streaming and working from home.

Another interesting spike in internet consumption was seen in rural India. The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) revealed in a recent report that internet usage surpassed urban area for the first time. The report pointed out that daily active consumption has increased by 30 million in rural areas. As of November 2019, total active users stand at 504 million, 277 million users belong to the rural areas and 205 million users in urban areas. The pandemic has emphasized the usage and has increased the demand for bandwidth as well as storage capacities.

In fact, due to the pandemic people have also begun using social media more than before. Statistics suggest that social media usage has grown to 25% more than usual. Making India an even bigger internet market.

The pandemic has made data centres even more critical to manage capacity
as the focus shifts from commercial to residential. As work from home became a norm in a short time, the focus of companies has changed too. Company networks are not set up to give all staff members private, secure network access to corporate networks from their homes.

Multinational companies are now laying down strategies to continue the workfrom-home model with the help of quality networks via data centres.


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In many cases, because of the lockdown offices have remained closed. Due to which rebooting of on-premises servers and any improvements are a challenge. Adding to the perils of many organisations without remote access, backups and special functions off-premises are at far reach.
Data centres come to the rescue to many such companies. The crisis for numerable organisations can be avoided in the future and they can keep their wheels turning.

Companies are allocating higher budgets toward data centres, especially, colocation data centres to enable their employees to manage work remotely.

‘Digital India is growing and it is creating the infrastructure to help bring
accessibility and quality of services to the citizens and enterprises of the world and with its impeccable service, Web Werks is a crucial part of this journey’, said Nikhil Rathi, Founder & MD Web Werks Data Centers.

Web Werks realised the upward trend in the growth of data in India in the ’90s when the internet had just made its way into the country. This has made the company a leader in data centres in the last two decades. Originally beginning with a data centre in Mumbai Web Werks
expanded its facilities in Pune and Delhi to grow from a regional to a national player.

Each Web Werks facility is a high-density, hyper-scale and artificial intelligencepowered infrastructure, offering bestin-class service support and uptime.

Providing its users with diversified an well-strategised Data Center Facilities
across multiple locations while also ensuring quick response time and high
availability Web Werks ensures business efficiency and business continuity
for all their clients. This also includes move-in-ready to custom-built solutions customised as per business requirements.

In addition to this Web Werks facilities are designed to be a carrier-neutral hub with access to all the major Service Providers (ISPs), Telcos and Internet Exchanges Points (IXs). This made the firm India’s first and only data centre to have made it to Cloudscene’s H1, Data Center Ecosystem
Leaderboard. The list of accolades also includes Economic Times – Best Brand of the Year Award 2019, Maharashtra IT Excellence award among others. Web Werks is an E.Gov MeitY empanelled cloud provider and is 1 of 10 cloud providers to the government (MeghRaj).

India being an under-served market and the government’s propositions of data residency pushes the demand for data centres along with the other aspects of cloud, AI, Big data, analytics, IoT and ML.

The data centre industry thus continues to grow and change at a significant pace and Web Werks has been in the forefront with its data centres meeting the highest requirements of security, availability and energy efficiency.

About Nikhil Rathi

Nikhil Rathi is the Founder & MD of Web Werks which is a Data Center Operator in India. Web werks Tier-III designed data centers in India are geographically diverse with impeccable Network and Security, offering a range of Hosting & Cloud Services.