iCE3X launches native token with Artificial Intelligence Coin in South Africa

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iCE3 Exchange (iCE3X) became the first cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa to launch native token with Artificial Intelligence Coin (AIC).

AIC is a utility token allowing holders of the token to receive discounted trading fees and participation in decisions of new listings, features and functionality of the platform, according to the company.

The AI Coin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Buyers can trade bitcoin (BTC) to buy AIC, and vice versa for sellers.

Holders of 1000 AIC coins or more will have the ability to get a 50% discount on all trading fees and 100% discount on trading fees on balances of 10 000 AIC coins or more, the company revealed.

“Our platform allows quick and nimble token offerings, including our own AIC utility token,” said Gareth Grobler, Founder, iCE3.

“The AIC token uses decentralised mechanisms to provide customer rewards seamlessly, enhancing our relationships with our users and ecosystem intuitively.”


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The company added that its users will receive preferential offers based on their balance and can request features from the service desk.

“iCE3 has a high release rate of valuable and customer-centric offerings. Our platform is designed to rapidly deploy products and features,” said Eugéne Etsebeth, COO, iCE3X Exchange, speaking on the launch.

The objective of iCE3 Exchange is to offer its clients a service to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs on an exchange by integrating with numerous business partners including a cryptocurrency exchange platform provider, financial institutions, merchant services, wallets, custodial services, insurance and scratch cards in order to build an ecosystem around the iCE3 platform.

Elsewhere, Changpeng Zhao, CEO at Binance revealed that the firm will introduce a fiat gateway for South African digital asset traders, which will allow them to make deposits in Rands.

The announcement was made during the Blockchain Africa Conference on two weeks ago, which was held in Johannesburg.

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